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Hope House exists to help prevent homelessness.

We supply shared spaces for independent living in a structured environment. Our goal is to provide a home where our residents can function optimally and live in a safe, comfortable, and stable home.

Our homes are fully furnished with Wi-Fi, Cable TV in the living room, and flat-screen TV in every bedroom for streaming. Air conditioning, heating, and fully stocked kitchen.

Each resident is provided with a twin-size bed, memory foam mattress, zipped mattress cover, mattress pad, sheet set, comforter, pillow, a chest of drawers & closet.

Each home has an on-site manager to assure rules are being followed.

Security cameras are in all common areas for the safety of all residents.

Our homes are smoke-free, and we provide outdoor smoking areas.

We are a 100% drug, marijuana and alcohol-free environment. 

The structure we provide in the home has enabled many of our residents to live healthy and stable lives in a kind and loving supportive environment.

Our residents are quite diverse and come from many different walks of life, situations, disabilities, careers, and employment.   

We are willing to house anyone willing to cooperate and follow the rules so all residents can live together comfortably.


Hope House is a member of and certified by the County of San Bernardino Room and Board Coalition. The Coalition exists to help maintain quality and standards, we work diligently to adhere to and ensure safe and supportive living environments for our residents. 


We have multiple locations throughout San Bernardino County and Riverside County. Call us today to see what home suits you best! 


  • Alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drug use is strictly prohibited

  • All residents must be independent, no medical services provided

  • All residents must be proactive in their medical health 

  • The curfew is 10PM, and all doors will be locked

  • No food or drinks allowed in bedrooms or living room

  • Bedroom TV's off by 10 PM - Living room TV off by 9 PM

  • Residents provide all their own toiletries, no wipes or candles

  • Maintaining personal hygiene is mandatory 

  • No personal appliances or furniture allowed 

  • No visitors are allowed

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